Tideport Distributing, Inc.

Petroleum Products,
Transportation and Storage


Tideport Distributing, Inc., Channelview

Our primary service offered is bulk transportation of Hydrocarbon based material. We operate 45 tractors and 105 tanker trailers from this yard. A few of our customers include Koch, U.S. Government, Exxon Chemical, Enjet, Industrial Solvents, Texas Eastman, Advanced Aromatics, Martin Gas, Texas Aromatics, Tauber Oil, Whytecliff, Chusei Chemical and many more.

About half of our Channelview fleet is used in the fuel oil, asphalt and chemical market and the other half is used for transporting Government fuel and other clean products. We also have stainless steel trailers which include high heat units used in the movement of various chemicals and wax.

We move 20 to 25 loads a day of Jet Fuel from Houston to various military bases in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico. These runs require custom designed trailers so they can be checked internally for cleanliness.

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