Tideport Distributing, Inc.

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Tideport Distributing is a tanker transportation company with terminals in Channelview and Robstown, Texas. Tideport Distributing Inc. is D.O.T. approved and permitted to transport products to and from all states. Tideport Distributing, Inc. also offers storage, blending, cooling and pumping services.


In addition to providing transportation, we allow our customers to use our "Drop Pad" as a temporary storage service until their customers can receive the product. We can also solve your temporary storage needs by renting one or more of our trailers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We will deliver to you a D.O.T. approved unit and pick it up at your request, empty or loaded, for delivery to any location you specify. Several of our customers utilize this service during their scheduled "turn around" and line cleaning maintenance.


If your product exceeds the temperature maximum allowed by the terminal you are delivering to, we will bring the product to our facility for a cooling down process, and then redeliver the material to your buyer.


Tideport Distributing has trailer mounted product pumps that can be delivered to your facility for loading or offloading material to and from our trailers. Our customers utilize this service for moving a large volume of product from tanks with no load rack accessibility.

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